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I am Food Marshall

Meet Anna Marshall, the creator, and founder behind Food Marshall. Anna is a health and wellness advocate who encourages a balanced lifestyle through holistic plant-based nutrition, intuitive eating, mindful movement, meditation, and conscious consumerism. After dabbling with various diets, Anna has learned that rather than gravitating towards another fad diet, we need to listen to our own bodies to nourish ourselves in a way that is best for each of us. Her personal journey with food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and digestive issues led her to develop Food Marshall LLC, where she shares nutritious, plant-based recipes and nutrition guidance that satisfies individual dietary needs and preferences. Anna has a diverse educational background in Public Health, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Ayurveda. Her lust for traveling has inspired her to create nourishing and delicious meals that embrace cuisines from all over the world. Many of her travel photos can be found here.

To attain optimal health, we must fully live and breathe a conscious lifestyle, which first begins with what we put into our mouths daily. We are what we eat– physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Evidence demonstrates that consuming plant-based foods can modify our gene expression (known as epigenetics). By maintaining our own health, we are more fit to serve and help others. May we all embrace diet and lifestyle as medicine so that we can be our highest selves.

Be the CEO of your own health

A Better You is A Better Me is A Better We is A Better World

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